Welcome to my website, I have been drawing since kindergarten but since then I’ve gotten better. I now, follow instructions. I was ten years old when I discovered Howard Pyle's The Story of King Arthur in a small two-room public library. The stories and images of heroic knights and fair ladies captured my imagination. My childhood summers were spent playing in Michigan's northern forests during the day and reading and drawing in the evenings. Some 6,000+ novels later, I am still addicted. Many years later, when Phage Press was preparing to reprint Henry Kuttner's Dark World, Erick Wujcik would appreciate my love of books, commenting in his editorial, “Believe me, it's great to have a well-read artist around”

My "serious" art education began when I enrolled in the Famous Artist Correspondence Course and was finished with a BFA in Graphic Communication with a Major in Illustration from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit. My study continued beyond the degree with numerous additional classes at various local community colleges, and almost monthly workshops at the DAS Printmaking Studio from 1998 to 2008.

Since graduation I have been a graphic designer, art director, cartoonist, art teacher, and an illustrator producing TV commercial storyboards, video box covers, movie posters, B&W and color illustrations for magazine & newspaper ads, comic book adaptations, portraits, billboards, and product illustrations.

My involvement in SF & Fantasy began in the late sixties, attending my first SF convention in 1967. Then selling my artwork at them two years later. My involvement with amateur publishing began the year before. 1968 I began joining various SF or comics organizations, which led to working for many gaming companies, book and magazine publishers.

In 1991, I began entering national competitions starting with the In Dreams Awake: Art of Fantasy exhibition at the Olympia & York in New York City, and have continued on to show in galleries, and sell artwork at Michigan art fairs and the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I have expanded my artistic pursuits into the fine arts: painting (of wildlife), print making (etching, lithography, and serigraphy), and experimenting with sculpting. Some of these paintings took high honors in several competitions; in the Wind River Valley 50th Anniversary National Art Exhibit, my entry, A Short Eared Owl, took all the high honors and was even purchased and donated to the Springfield Museum of Art in Springfield, Missouri.

From 1994 to 2005, I was employed by the Detroit Historical Museum designing exhibits, designing street banners and billboards, painting murals, and designing books & posters; twice receiving the Quest for Excellence award for design of educational outreach materials from the Michigan Museum Association.

Since, 2005, I have been a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Exhibit Designer.